Building It

Ok, this is the thing about a horizontal group…no leaders and, unless something has been agreed on by consensus by the general assembly, each of us speaks only for ourselves. Ok, the other thing about Occupy Bristol is that we keep bumping up against an issue and then working it out. It is this creative and collective spirit in action that figures out solutions.

Into our second week, and so much has happened. I am struck by the diminishing numbers of women. Ah, it is one of those ‘issues’ mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog. Speaking about the lack of women yesterday with people in the group, it confirmed for me that that creative spirit of Occupy Bristol will come up with a solution. That’s heartening and makes the Occupy movement, in general, something wholly different than anything I’ve ever experienced.

Come a join us today at the Occupy Bristol Community Fun Day. It starts and 2.


One thought on “Building It

  1. Looking at the stats it looks like the proportion of women participating in the General Assembly has remained relatively constant!/search/realtime/%23diversitycheck The actual number of women participating is gradually increasing.

    It is still far too low, and a serious issue that needs to be addressed. However the stats do not support your claim that there is “diminishing numbers of women.”

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