Random thoughts from a Bristol Occupier

Quite a few people have been commenting on how the occupation movement in Bristol and throughout the globe is lacking political direction and vision. Having been on site since the beginning and having followed the global occupation movement over the last few months, I personally feel we have a clearly defined political agenda. Globally, millions of people are now taking to the streets in outrage at the injustices inflicted upon them by the Capitalist and political classes. Occupying open spaces may look like an infective response to some, however, if you look closely at what is taking place globally it’s success is becoming more evident as each day passes.

A new global consciousness is awakening, throughout the towns and cities ordinary people are coming together and uniting against the inherent corruption of the current political and economic order. We’ve had enough of state sponsored corporate socialism for the rich. We’re sick to the back teeth of having opportunities to better ourselves taken from us and our kids. We all want a better future. However, the future we dreamed about is being robbed from us daily in order to try and save an already dying system.

We’re told we live in a democratic nation, yet our only participation in the democratic process is sticking a cross on a ballot paper once every four years. This is what they call freedom. Many of you have said the occupation won’t work. The reason for this is because many of you have protested countless times only to be ignored, ridiculed and labeled by the propaganda system. Our political institutions no longer represent us. This is the reason why people are saying nothing will change.
However, the seeds of a global revolution against capitalism and corrupt politics are beginning to spread far and wide. The change each of us is longing for will only come through continued mass civil action and peaceful resistance.

We can build a better future for ourselves through identifying and embracing the common bond which binds us all together. We are the 99% just like you. We’re looking for a better future just like you. Now is the time to occupy. Stand with us.


3 thoughts on “Random thoughts from a Bristol Occupier

  1. I am behind you all the way. I am 66, an old protestor of the 60s and shocked at the wAy things are going. All around me i see people suffering and complaining but not doing anything politically to challenge our rich exploiters and governors. I am too old and frail to live in a tent but i admire you trememdously for having the guts tomprotest. Stick in there.

  2. I came down to see what it was all about and had my first ‘proper’ political discussion for years. Not left or right politics, but what we need to change to make things fairer.

    Not surprised that politicians don’t like this movement. Getting people to think for themselves and talk seriously about the problem. People may come to the conclusion that politicians are part of the problem.

    Keep up the good work!

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