A thought. We all want a better world.

People from across the political spectrum (& outside of it) are coming together to unite against what they see as unfairness, greed & injustice. They are coming together, living together and sharing their ideas about how this world could be better, while pointing out their reasons why things are wrong right now. In the camps themselves, a naturally-occurringsystem has arisen that is evolving and does not conform to one particular ideology – and in general it seems to be working. I’ve heard people say that life in the camps is better than the one they had outside. In the camps they are part of something, and allowed to be themselves and allowed to grow, learn new skills, educate and learn. I see people wanting to do jobs for the good of the camps, rather than expecting some reward for it. I wonder if the most important thing about this movement is not the protest itself, but the opportunity to find a way of living that works in practice.

Author: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=610902160


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