Meeting Invitation

Earlier today the camp recieved the attached letter

We plan to have a General Assembly meeting tomorrow at 7pm 27/10/11 to discuss our response to it.

We invite all camp supporters, even those that have not had the opportunity to attend the camp yet, to come and engage with the meeting.

The meeting will be run by consensus. If anyone would like to help facilitate the meeting then then come at 6pm to discuss the format.
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9 thoughts on “Meeting Invitation

  1. We simply cannot return to business as usual. People are complaining about tax payers money being spent on the “protest” unaware where there tax is being spent. These same people are having to pay for the huge police presence in town on a weekend because people with no sense of social responsibility cant help losing their minds on cheap drinks? Now prominent voices are complaining about wearing down the grass? Are these people aware of the damage being done to our environment each day so we can shop in Cabot Circus? Are they aware of the size of the craters left by stray missiles in civilian villages in North Africa and the Middle East? Are they aware how much of the rainforest is eroded every day so we can carry on with our business as usual and need to make sure people KEEP BUYING!. Are they aware of the spiralling national debts in this country and the amount of annual expenditure going out on interest payments alone? I dont think these problems are going to disappear any time soon and we are all complicit in this, but the first thing we must do – as the carers and protectors of our city, our county, our earth, is to stop burying our heads in the sand and assume other people will take care of it, because they won’t. ‘They’ can’t. Only WE are capable of such a task.

  2. I think you should go to the meeting – otherwise they will be able to say you refused attempts to communicate. I would go to the meeting, set out very clearly why you are protesting, but also set out very clearly that you have no “demands” in the formal sense, and the reason behind that, and also make it clear that you are not prepared to move on at this time.

  3. To paraphrase Janke’s letter: “You can buy fair trade coffee in Bristol; what more do you want?

    If nothing else, Janke’s complete bafflement at the situation exemplifies why the occupation needs to be there on College Green – and to stay there.

    Solidarity. 🙂

  4. How nice. An invitation to meet a Fairtrade coffee-drinking home counties housewife and an over-privileged posh vicar, both of whom are in the pocket of big business.


  5. ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello.

    From today’s Guardian interview with the canon chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Reverend Giles Fraser:

    “I cannot support using violence to ask people to clear off the land,” Fraser told the Guardian. “It is not about my sympathies or what I believe about the camp. I support the right to protest and in a perfect world we could have negotiated. But our legal advice was that this would have implied consent .”

    Feel free to keep this unpublished if you don’t want to let the council know what they might be committing to.

    Also have you got access to legal advice? If you haven’t or want more email me on

  6. its a nice sentiment but totally hollow when you consider that the council were negotiating to let a massive property developer off the requirement for social housing and investment in local infrastructure at the same time they drafted that letter.

    I think we should go to the meeting with a demand that they block the finzels reach development untill a full enquiry can be made into collusion between the council and the developers.

  7. I left the meeting on Thursday feeling confused ( and very tired)
    I think the way it went – a letter and individuals going to visit actually worked really well

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