Dear Barbara Janke

We are delighted that you feel we have much in common.

We have discussed your invitation at this evenings General Assembly but have not been able to reach a consensus on our response. A number of individuals indicated that they would like to come and meet you, and will do so in a personal capacity.

For further information about our occupation please see

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us either in person or via email:


2 thoughts on “Dear Barbara Janke

  1. Good letter I agree and put my name to it.
    I will attend and put my personal point of why I have joined occupy Bristol. Four areas of breakdown of local democracy. Cabot circus was built without consideration of local needs and built largely on public land. 1 no consideration for local or diverse small business’s 2. Removal of two high-level crossing 3. No underpass
    instead the extra pollution from all vehicles
    travelling south from the west have an extra kilometre to travel.
    The impact on St Paul’s is serious. On a 1/2 billion project only twenty units of social houses.

    On the ex council offices the 501 private development the council forgot to impose the
    agreed 10% social housing.

    Again with the harbourside development no attempt to create a mixed local economy, just gulag type housing, in a area which the great Brunel had such a good legacy. Again hardly any social housing.

    The council have suspended our democratic rights by not allowing the 1 minute per question on “”council meetings”on the safety and sustainable of nuclear power.

    The council policy is to encourage fair trade and local source food, yet the have encouraged supermarket at the expense of local small trader.

    Another failed policy on peak oil/carbon. Not one scheme has been set up to date.

    To allow a new stadium to be built in the Ashton area. With no existing transport system in place is just dumb. When there is available land next to Temple Mead station taking fans to all parts of the UK, Cardiff has done it and a stadio for all purposes.
    The land grab for Franchey hospital. which has good road access to most of Bristol. In favour of Southmead beggars belief, only one overloaded road serving the facility.
    For whatever reason Bristol in the last ten years has only represented the developer and now we say enough is enough. You can spend £80,000 for some street art and unlicensed street drinking in Nelson Street but you can’t keep open many local support projects.
    I repeat occupy Bristol is here to stop you.

  2. Dear Barbara,

    Whilst we were unable to reach a consensus at the meeting this evening as a collective entity, I believe there are about five individuals who would like to accept your invitation and meet with you tomorrow at ten o’ clock. Thank you.


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