Solidarity with the Global Movement

We have been somewhat focused over the last couple of days on our local political situation. This should not detract from the fact that we are a global movement, with global aspirations. We stand together in Solidarity with:


It seems we missed some occupations from this list. And there is a more complete list here

Some Occupiers in the UK have been working on new models of democracy that utilise the Information and communication technologies that are now available to us. In particular they have been working on a direct democracy platform that may enable us to produce a Manifesto

In addition the Global Occupy movement is a creative and artistic endevour, as evidenced by &

We are at the early stages of working at global level but there are 1769 cities listed here who have arranged meetups.  We stand in solidarity with each and every one of them. In particular our sympathies extend to our fellow occupiers who have suffered state violence at their occupations.

Authored by one of Occupy Bristol. Views expressed here may or may not be representative of the group. 


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