Working Group Proposal

Tomorrow a proposal to establish Autonomous working groups will be taken to the 7pm meeting. It is anticipated that it will be uncontentious. (You never know with consensus though!)

The proposers hope that by having a clearer structure it will be easier for our supporters who are not able to stay on camp to engage. The proposal is to establish a number of working groups who will meet regularly at 7pm to plan & get on with work. The proposal is for the following groups to form:

Aims/ Big Picture /Strategy

  • A place to discuss what the occupy movement is going to achieve, and how.
  •  A good place to start for people coming for the first time.


  • Oversight of construction
  • Site planning arrangement of camping space/ working space
  • Power supply
  • Tent, path & Structure maintenance

Health and Site Safety

  • First aid
  • Stewarding
  • Safe spaces policy implimentation & amends
  • Bedding, clothes, tents
  • Sanitation – recycling, portaloo, hygiene


  • Creation of leaflets/flyers
  • Oversight of Signage
  • Maintenance of welcome desk

Kitchen- Food and water

  • Maintenance of Kitchen
  • Oversight of kitchen rota
  • Sources food and water


  • Maintenance of internet resources- email, facebook, twitter, website
  • Liaising with the media
  • Media lens – monitoring local, national, and international news with particular reference to the occupy movement


  • Facilitating communication between different working groups
  • Planning and facilitating camp and general assemblies
  • Maintenance and oversight of information point

Lawful/Legal/Finance and Donations

  • Dealing with external agencies
  •  Offering lawful/legal advice to working groups
  •  Oversight of Finances and donations

The idea is that these working groups can then feedback on their work & make proposals to the Wed/ Sat general assemblies.


2 thoughts on “Working Group Proposal

  1. Can someone put me in touch with Helen or whoever’s sorting out the outreach team as I’d like to be part of that. Also bear in mind that I am a freelance journalist so I can write articles, speak to the press, appear in interviews etc. Ta.

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