A view from an Occupier

I am a individual occupier who does not speak for the a camp.

My name is Stefan. I am 37 years old. I am an IT consultant. I have three children and it is because of concerns for their future that I am here. I can afford the time. I am successful and have a small mortgage.
I believe that the situation in the world is very serious and that it is the result of powerful interests in Wall Street the money markets and other places manipulating our democracies in their own self interest and effectively having staged a coup. These people are criminals and we need to remove their hands from the levers of power before we can begin the the difficult task of reconstruction.
We have a rising population, dangerous environmental degradation, climate change, loss of soil fertility, peak oil, and now the collapse of our economies and financial integrity. This amounts to a perfect storm and our political elites are unable or unwilling to confront it. Meanwhile the 1% are steadily increasing their wealth and influence and driving us deeper into crisis.
The majority need to come together, as we are doing here, to discuss a a way forward that is in the interests of the many, not the few.


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