Dry camp announcement

Our presence in College Green has brought us face-to-face with significant poverty-related social problems in the city – alcohol and drug abuse, anti-social behavior and mental ill-health. While we want to tackle and change the issues at the heart of these problems we cannot begin this if we our camp is insecure, occupiers feel threatened or those visiting the site get the wrong idea about who weare and what our aims are. We also cannot build a representative group if women feel unsafe to stay overnight at the site. This means sexist, threatening or offensive behavior must be dealt with swiftly.

We have decided as a camp that we can no longer have any drinking on site, we intend to be a ‘Dry’ site.

Those who cannot do this must leave. We will contact the police if necessary.

If you have a drug or alcohol problem, and would like to come back while you are sober, you are very welcome. We do not have the expertise to help you, but welcome your support and will welcome you at the camp whilst you remain sober.


3 thoughts on “Dry camp announcement

  1. I feel this is a very necessary step, not just for Occupy Bristol, but for the Occupy movement as a whole. We need to be seen as a sober, serious and energetic force – this is a positive step towards that end. I’ve also read that US police are trying to encourage drug-using transients to gravitate to Occupy encampments. This obviously smacks of trying to discredit the whole movement.

  2. Dry site sounds like a reasonable idea. Calling the police maybe not so much. Could never feel safe living at a camp where the people who might be battering me the next day would be welcome.

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