A view from an occupier:

My name is Nima. I am 30 years old. I am a mental health support worker. I speak only for myself, I do not represent the camp.

I am here because I believe there is no alternative. The global financial system is in structural crisis. Governments are no longer responding to to the challenges we face as individuals in our communities, as a country or globally. We are in the midst of a downward spiral of a number of crises, financial, economic,
environmental, political and social.

We seek to create a real democracy where we can learn together how to respond to the challenges we are facing. Together we are creating a space through joint agreement, planning and activity. We are learning new skills, developing new abilities and rich human relationships based on trust, care equality and cooperation.

This is a movement in its infancy and we need, as it were, to learn to walk before we can run. We hope that people will realise they are not alone in their struggle to survive this recession and that here is an inclusive space for their voices to be heard. We seek to create a broad based mainstream movement.


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