Occupy Bristol statement about Remembrance Sunday

The military organise Remembrance Day events, and they have communicated with us through our police liaison officer on this issue. The military are happy that we are not in the way and they are completely happy with us staying where we are during Remembrance Day. As we expected, it takes more than a few tents to unnerve the British forces.

They have asked us to observe the minute’s silence, and respect the event. We have assured them that we will. We have never had any intention to do anything else. 

This year, as every year, on Remembrance Day itself, the main ceremony takes place at the Cenotaph. The paths near the cathedral – not College Green itself – are used to line up before the parade. College Green is used by members of the public who want to watch the parade, and that can happen as normal this year.

Many of us have lost relatives in wars and we have the utmost respect for their sacrifices. Some of us have served in the British Armed Forces, have lost colleagues and been injured. They will be joining the other members of the public, laying a wreath at the Cenotaph, after the formal ceremonies are complete.

We hope this clears up any worries or confusion.

*Photo by Dan Holton


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