How to help

If you’ve got five minutes

Pass this website on to people you think might be interested, or you think can help us.

Like our page on Facebook.

If you live in Bristol, you can write to your local councillor, asking them to support the occupation (or at least give us access to clean water). You can use the website Write to Them.

Armchair activism

Comment on articles like these ones in the Evening Post, to make it visible that a lot of people support us, and we aren’t just fringe radicals.

Write a letter to the Evening Post or other media to explain why you support what we’re doing.

If you’ve got an hour or more

Come along to a meeting or a workshop (timetable up at the site information stall).

Offer to run a workshop! Any useful skills would be good – we’re having workshops on everything from listening skills and conflict resolution, to bicycle maintenance.

Offer any skills you’ve got – come along and play a few songs on a guitar, tell a story, help with the washing up…

If you want to donate stuff

We have been overwhelmed by the donations we’re receiving. Every day ordinary people are coming to the camp with gifts of blankets, food and all sorts of stuff. Thank you lovely fellow humans!

We still need more stuff! Especially:-

Whiteboards – We need one to write this wish list on.

Outdoor Lighting for General Assembly
Water Butt
Scaffold Poles
Sturdy Marquee
Tressle tables
A Radio

Stiff broom
Lighting – eg solar fairy lights
Tea Towells & Hand towells
Hand sanitiser
Lockable filing cabinet for food storage
Dustpan & brush
Metal cutlery


Thermal Sleeping Bag Liners

Warm Clothes

High Vis vests
Walkie talkies


3 thoughts on “How to help

  1. Re food are you predominantly vegetarian or is tinned fish ok -Is there anything you specifically want/ need.Whats your water situation?

    Probably going to do a shop for you monday eve or in the next few days.
    I dont have transport so Ill be waiting on a neighbour.

    Thank you for what you are doing you heroes you xx

  2. I wrote to Councillor Arthur Negus and Neil Harrison as you suggested-Neil responded and said among other things
    that ‘Last week, the protesters on College Green were handing out leaflets blaming Jewish bankers and weather control’ ?! Can this be true? I said I would ask you and get back to him as this is a serious accusation.

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