Weekly Structure Proposal

A proposal is being taken to the 7pm meeting tomorrow to use the following as a rough outline. This is clearly subject to change.


10 am – Camp meeting.

7pm – Concurrent Working group meetings


10 am – Camp meeting

8pm – 11pm Open mic night


10 am – Camp meeting.

7pm – General Assembly


10 am – Camp meeting.

7pm – Concurrent Working group meetings


10 am – Camp meeting.

7pm – Concurrent Working group meetings


1pm General Assembly

2-5pm Fun day


Day of rest


The Process is partly the Point


I am a individual occupier who does not speak for the a camp.

I feel that we are an experiment, not a protest. Let me try to explain what I mean.

Whilst I do feel that there is big picture stuff, external to the camp that we can and will change, I personally feel that it is just as important for us demonstrate alternative and effective ways of doing things.

One of the things that sets us apart from many of the structures we are challenging, is our consensus decision making process. One of the important things about this is that it means everyone gets listened to. Whilst this can be a difficult and time consuming process it is also a really interesting one to be involved with.

The meeting we ran on Thursday night was a fairly mixed example this. The meeting went on for a long time, and eventually no decision was reached. So it failed as a decision making process. But, compared to some early meetings, it was still orderly and people were genuinely listening to each other and people with a wide range of views were contributing, and were heard. I am heartened by the discussions we have been having today around creating relatively autonomous working groups, who will just go and get stuff done. We are learning and developing both our skills and our processes all the time.

The big picture (of trying to make a better world) and the small picture (of all trying to get along in camp, using a consensus decision making process) seem more and more intertwined. We cannot move forward unless we do genuinely listen do all views, and throw them into the mix of looking for solutions. This is what we’re trying to do every day. And perhaps the failure of present systems is that they don’t do that, but simply marginalise views that don’t fit.

Solidarity with the Global Movement

We have been somewhat focused over the last couple of days on our local political situation. This should not detract from the fact that we are a global movement, with global aspirations. We stand together in Solidarity with:


It seems we missed some occupations from this list. And there is a more complete list here http://www.occupybritain.co.uk/

Some Occupiers in the UK have been working on new models of democracy that utilise the Information and communication technologies that are now available to us. In particular they have been working on a direct democracy platform that may enable us to produce a Manifesto

In addition the Global Occupy movement is a creative and artistic endevour, as evidenced by http://occupywriters.com & http://occupydesign.org/

We are at the early stages of working at global level but there are 1769 cities listed here who have arranged meetups. http://www.occupytogether.org/  We stand in solidarity with each and every one of them. In particular our sympathies extend to our fellow occupiers who have suffered state violence at their occupations.

Authored by one of Occupy Bristol. Views expressed here may or may not be representative of the group. 

Any eviction to go to full council vote?

Earlier some individuals discussed with Barbara Janke whether she would be taking any eviction process to a full and democratic vote of the council. She felt that whilst she personally believed in democracy, it was not something that the Dean would be able to agree to.

Well we followed that up, and discussed it with the Dean. At 2.25 you will hear him say the following:

“Are you happy if the council choose to make a democratic decision?” <on any eviction process> “Yes of course I am”


So it seems the ball is firmly in Barbra Jankes court. It is up to her – as leader of the council- as to whether she chooses to take an eviction decision personally, or to puts it before a full and democratic council meeting.

My name is Polly. I am 72 years old.

I am camped at Occupy Bristol for these reasons:

I have a passion for the planet which is being damaged by corporate greed.

I refuse to live in a cold house relying on electricity for heating. I am being held to ransom by the power generating companies.

Cameron says we are all in this together. We are not. I am not a millionaire. I do not have a partner who is a millionaire. They do not have to chose between eating and heating. I am warmer and more comfortable camping near a warm fire.

Dear Barbara Janke

We are delighted that you feel we have much in common.

We have discussed your invitation at this evenings General Assembly but have not been able to reach a consensus on our response. A number of individuals indicated that they would like to come and meet you, and will do so in a personal capacity.

For further information about our occupation please see http://occupybristoluk.org/statement-of-solidarity/

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us either in person or via email: occupybristol@riseup.net

Meeting Invitation

Earlier today the camp recieved the attached letter

We plan to have a General Assembly meeting tomorrow at 7pm 27/10/11 to discuss our response to it.

We invite all camp supporters, even those that have not had the opportunity to attend the camp yet, to come and engage with the meeting.

The meeting will be run by consensus. If anyone would like to help facilitate the meeting then then come at 6pm to discuss the format.
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