Working groups

Working groups Meet on Monday, Thursday and Friday at 7pm. You are welcome to come and join one.

Aims/ Big Picture /Strategy

  • A place to discuss what the occupy movement is going to achieve, and how.
  •  A good place to start for people coming for the first time.

Health and Site Safety

  • First aid
  • Stewarding
  • Safe spaces policy implimentation & amends
  • Bedding, clothes, tents
  • Sanitation – recycling, portaloo, hygiene


  • Creation of leaflets/flyers
  • Oversight of Signage
  • Maintenance of welcome desk

Kitchen- Food and water

  • Maintenance of Kitchen
  • Oversight of kitchen rota
  • Sources food and water


  • Maintenance of internet resources- email, facebook, twitter, website
  • Liaising with the media
  • Media lens – monitoring local, national, and international news with particular reference to the occupy movement


  • Oversight of construction
  • Site planning arrangement of camping space/ working space
  • Power supply
  • Tent, path & Structure maintenance

Facilitation/Process/Analysis/ Lawful/Legal/Finance and Donations

  • Facilitating communication between different working groups
  • Planning and facilitating camp and general assemblies
  • Dealing with external agencies
  •  Offering lawful/legal advice to working groups
  •  Oversight of Finances and donations

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